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Bromo mountain description | Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour Package

bromo milkyway camp 2 day

Bromo Milkyway camp has a duration 2 day 1-night tour program, with a short time you will enjoy all the attractions in Bromo, and below is a tour program for those of you who follow the Milky way tour by camping on mount Bromo survived 2 days 1 night. Detail Itinerary Camping under the Milky... read more

Mount Bromo Astrophotography expedition

Mount Bromo Astrophotography expedition

Mount Bromo has various convenience place to take Milky Way Photography such as Mentigen Hill, Seruni Point Peak, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill and Pananjakan (the highest top in 2.770 m). Before you enjoy Milky Way time on Mount Bromo, You must start from Surabaya Airport in the morning around 08.00 – 10.00 AM, In order you can have more... read more

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