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Ijen crater tour from Bali

17 Oktober 2019 1.214x Tour Package From Bali

Ijen crater tour | Kawah ijen | Ijen volcano (2386 m) is an active composite volcano located within the Pleistocene Ijen Caldera (old volcanic crater), at the easternmost part of Java island. The visible superficial manifestations of the hydrothermal system of Kawah Ijen’s activity consist of the world’s largest hyper-acidic lake on Earth, a few... read more

Ijen crater the largest acidic lake in the world.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour: 1 Day tour from Bali

24 Februari 2016 1.447x Tour Package, Tour Package From Bali

Ijen Blue Fire Tour 1 Day 1 Night From Bali Ijen Blue Fire Tour 1 Day 1 Night From Bali is the best choice if you decide to start this Trip from Bali (or Ketapang). Located only one hour away from the ferry harbour connecting Bali, Kawah Ijen is a composite volcano offering one of... read more

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